Take a look on 2017 Ford Kuga

Take a look on 2017 Ford Kuga

Even though Ford is true American car Company we must say that the European market is very important to them so they must choose carefully what type of vehicles will go on that market. One of those, carefully picked is new generation of extra popular crossover called Kuga. This 2017 Ford Kuga will be his 3rd generation and every next one show us how great progress Ford can make. We don`t really expect to see it with some iconic and extra significant changes on the design, this new generation will be as refreshed old ones, most of the changes will be just updates made.

2017 Ford Kuga Front

2017 Ford Kuga Shape

As we`ve said, exterior design of new 2017 Ford Kuga won`t be that much different from the generation before. His shape is already brought to the perfection so it is quite aggressive the way it is. Some of the upgrades we`ve noticed on the exterior is grille which received some new chrome bars, headlights will be larger than before but fog lights will be smaller than before and both of them, as well as the taillights, will receive newest LED lamps which will help him increase safety and visibility. One of the biggest improvement in the chassis is using lightweight materials in it so we know that new 2017 Ford Kuga will be even lighter than before, we expect to see reduced fuel consumption because of that which will definitely attract new Kuga to the Europeans even more.

Ford really didn`t made something new inside new 2017 Ford Kuga, something that looks new, all they have changed is infotainment system which functions are getting updated and improved for even better functionality and easier control. Biggest difference inside, when it comes to the design, is new three spoke steering wheel which will be filled with functions easy for driver to control. 5 passengers will still be able to fit inside new Kuga and they`ll still be able to carry as much luggage as they want because cargo area is still big enough. Leather wrapped seats with same design are still there together with instrument board filled with buttons and knobs and with large touchscreen on the middle of it. So many new functions will be installed and old ones which are proved to work perfectly will be updated and they`ll still be part of infotainment system of new 2017 Ford Kuga.

2017 Ford Kuga Interior

2017 Ford Kuga Performance

Engines for new 2017 Ford Kuga are still unknown because Ford is still in doubt will they give him the same engines as before because customers are more than thrilled with those or some new ones will be developed. Until they reveal something new, we think that old ones will be present but with reduced fuel consumption due to lighter chassis. That could be either 1.5-liter turbo diesel TDCi with 118 horse power or 2.0-liter TDCi diesel engine with ability to supply new Kuga with 148 horse power. Fuel will definitely be reduced but we still don`t have official estimations ready.

2017 Ford Kuga Rear

2017 Ford Kuga Price

New 2017 Ford Kuga can`t be offered for price of under $30.000 because it is amazing SUV, in every aspect. His release date is also still hidden from the eyes of the customers so we must estimate it to be offered as the 2017 year comes to the half, probably somewhere around June.

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