2018 Audi RS8 Engine, 0-60, News

2018 Audi RS8 Engine, 0-60, News

When Audi announce car which will be released for more than two years, we know that he`s going to be amazing because they have more than enough time to make it perfect. That`s how the Germans work, everything must be perfect or it can`t be offered. New 2018 Audi RS8 will be just that, perfect and nothing under that will be acceptable. Audi`s focus for that 2018 RS8 is to make it with more power than ever and with exterior that will really be functional so engine don`t need to take all the effort and trouble.

2018 Audi RS8 Front

2018 Audi RS8 Exterior and Interior

We still don`t have precise information`s about the exterior design of new 2018 Audi RS8 but we know something based on those details which are coming from the Audi`s factory. We know that he`s going to be produce with amazing shape because of Audi`s attempt to make his aerodynamics as greater as it can be. Because of that, they`ll make him mostly from aluminum and carbon fiber as two extra modern materials which are lightweight so they can reduce total weight of this car and they can make it go faster while he use less fuel. Audi will probably remain all the important details the way they were before, with those nice thin headlights (with new LED lamps), awesome rear end with two chrome exhaustion pipes and two sporty bumpers. All in all, this new 2018 Audi RS8 will be real beauty.

Greatest attempt from Audi`s engineers and designers will be to make his cabin to be more driver oriented. That will be biggest change present in new 2018 Audi RS8, they`ll put all the controls closer to the driver and they`ll give the steering wheels more functions now. What is sure is that all the infotainment and safety functions, starting with navigation and audio system to the cruise control, will be totally updated. We know that Audi will give this new RS8 only finest materials inside, leather and some metallic details combining with some wooden details.

2018 Audi RS8 Interior

2018 Audi RS8 Engine

And we`ve come to the most interesting part of new 2018 Audi RS8 and that`s his engine compartment. So far, we`ve heard for two types that can be offered for new RS8. First one that can be basic for new 2018 Audi RS8 is 4.0-liter V8 twin turbocharged with 560 horse power and torque amount of 699 Nm. This new RS8 will, thanks to this engine, reach up to 180 mph as his maximum speed while he`s going to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. Second engine that can be found under the hood of new RS8 will be 5.2-liter either V10 or V12 with awesome power amount. He`ll be able to supply him with 616 horse power and around 800 Nm of maximum torque amount. Both of these engines will definitely be connected to the Audi`s recognizable 8-speed Tiptonic transmission system which proved himself in so many ways and situations.

2018 Audi RS8 Rear

2018 Audi RS8 Price and Release date

Audi revealed that new 2018 Audi RS8 won`t be released before the start of 2018 and we know that is true, we think that the spring of 2018 is more accurate as release date for new RS8. When it comes to his price, we assume that his basic trim level could cost somewhere around $150.000, not under that.

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