2017 Trion Nemesis Engine, News

2017 Trion Nemesis Engine, News

Just take one look on this new Nemesis and you`ll think that he`s product of some really experienced car Company that is really known and recognized in the world, and you`re wrong. New Nemesis, the way it is, is product of really small and young car company called Trion Supercars and all they need is better publicity because it seems like they know how to make great car. This new 2017 Trion Nemesis really is that, great by design and even greater by performance. We`re about to have tough fight for the customers on the sport cars market in the 2017 and we`ll see what new Nemesis have to offer to turn customers on his side.

2017 Trion Nemesis Front

2017 Trion Nemesis Exterior and Interior

Even the exterior design of new 2017 Trion Nemesis screams performance. Focus of Nemesis creators was definitely to make his aerodynamic abilities as better as it can be. As a result we have car which is place really close to the ground, large air intakes, rear spoiler attached and so many hidden features that will help him increase power and speed without any additional effort from the engine compartment. Grille will be really small but the headlights next to it will be large, thin and extra effective made from new LED lamps. Taillights present maybe the most beautiful part on the exterior of new 2017 Trion Nemesis because they spread from one end to another. We can’t forget to mention that the entire Nemesis will be made using mostly carbon fiber with some help receive from aluminum.

Two lucky passengers will be enough to be found inside new 2017 Trion Nemesis and both of them will enjoy great comfort level because of the amazing design of his seats that will give you great lumbar support. His instrument board will be more than simple and only one large touchscreen display jammed on it which will contain all the important functions inside. Definitely only newest hi-tech and safety functions can be installed in new 2017 Trion Nemesis and you’ll be more than happy with the functions that will be installed.

2017 Trion Nemesis Interior

2017 Trion Nemesis Engine

Maybe the greatest thing about new 2017 Trion Nemesis are his amazing sets of engines. There will be three different engine compartment and every one of them will be spectacular. First engine that can be connected with new Nemesis is 100 kWh lithium ion battery which will be enough to create over 1000 horse power. Next, two electric motors creating 1200 horse power. Third engine that can be paired with new Nemesis is twin turbo V8 engine that is enough to generate 1400 horse power and that will be enough to make him go from 0-60 mph with just 3 seconds making his top speed over 220 mph. Final engine choice for new 2017 Trion Nemesis is twin turbo V8 engine with over 2000 horse power to handle and with this type of engine, he’ll be needed only 2.4 seconds to reach 60 mph and his top speed is estimated to be 300 mph. What we know for sure is that every one engine for new Nemesis will come in pair with 8-speed automatic transmission system.

2017 Trion Nemesis Rear

2017 Trion Nemesis Price and Release date

Basic level of new 2017 Trion Nemesis will cost spectacular $1 million while some of the better equipped trim levels can go way over $2.5 million making him one of the most expensive cars in the world. This new Nemesis can be available at the spring of 2017, not sooner than that.

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