2017 Toyota Prius Safe for the Environment

2017 Toyota Prius Safe for the Environment

At the moment that Toyota reveal that new model is about to be released every eye and ear is turned to them. As we know that new Prius is about to be released, attention is even bigger. Well, this is definitely model that is best-selling from Toyota because we know that number of people which want their cars to be environmental friendly is raising every day. Because of that, new 2017 Toyota Prius is something that really needs to be revealed and released, as soon as possible.

2017 Toyota Prius Front

2017 Toyota Prius Overview

Toyota`s biggest focus on designing new Prius is to make him have better shape so his aerodynamic abilities can be even better which will result him go even more miles on fully charged battery. Because of that, new 2017 Toyota Prius will be produced based on new Toyota Global New Architecture (TGNA) platform which will surely help him reach all his goals. Other than this new platform that is used, we know that all other details on the exterior won`t be changed, it will remain the way they were on the previous generation of Prius, stunning as always, starting from head to tail.

Because of new TGNA platform which is introduced, new 2017 Toyota Prius will be slightly larger than before so we know that his interior will definitely have more room inside than before. Other than huge room inside, they`ll enjoy the ride because it is so quiet in new Prius. His engine is absolutely silent but his cabin is soundproof. To complete his cabin, Toyota must give him only the newest functions, safety and entertainment ones. That is all done. Toyota announce that new Prius will be among the highly equipped vehicles ever. We still don`t have official information`s about those functions which will be installed in new 2017 Toyota Prius but we trust in Toyota when they say that only newest one could find place in new infotainment system. Instrument board of new Prius will look futuristic and it will shine with many new lights added. Even though one large touchscreen is added, we know that instrument board is going to keep so many other buttons and knobs inside new 2017 Toyota Prius.

2017 Toyota Prius Interior

2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine

New 2017 Toyota Prius as most popular hybrid car in the world will be powered with great combination of 1.8-liter Atkinson-cycle 4-cylinder petrol engine and 8.8 kWh lithium ion battery. This great combination will give him range of over 600 miles when this battery is fully charged. Power amount that this combination can create is still unknown but we are sure that top speed of new Prius will be around 125 mph and he will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 7 seconds. What is fantastic about new 2017 Toyota Prius is that he`s possible to be charged from the standard socket you have in your home and you`ll need just over 5 hours to make him fully charged.

2017 Toyota Prius Rear

2017 Toyota Prius Price and Release

Starting price for new 2017 Toyota Prius will be in range of $30.000 which will make him quite affordable when it comes to this kind of vehicles. New Prius will be available, according to officials, in the beginning of 2017 because we need environmental friendly vehicles as soon as possible.

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