2017 Tesla Model Y Review, Specs

2017 Tesla Model Y Review, Specs

Very soon after Tesla Motors were founded they`ve attracted a lot of attention because they`ve made to build great reputation with just one thing, they simply can create amazing cars and what is also important to the lot of customers, all of their cars are electric powered and they`re environment friendly. One of those models, new one is 2017 Tesla Model Y which have more than great performances and amazing interior and exterior design, all that combined, like we are used to from Tesla Motors.

2017 Tesla Model Y Front

2017 Tesla Model Y Exterior and Interior

Great thing about Tesla Motors Company is that they are alone on the market of completely electric vehicles and they can risk with the design and they can make a lot of innovations on their cars and they do that with a lot of success. First thing that we must mention when we talk about the exterior of new 2017 Tesla Model Y is his doors which are opening upwards and they look quite amazing. His front part will be very simple, little and thin grille with amazing LED headlights with fog lights under them, placed in the bumper. His overall exterior design gives the impression that this is extra fine and car which is designed with such an attention like there a lot of days of work behind this new Tesla`s vehicle.

2017 Tesla Model Y Interior

When you enter new 2017 Tesla Model Y you will definitely notice that he`s different than all the other car models which are currently on the market, and that`s good, we really need something different and new. Most noticeable thing inside his cabin will be large, very large central touchscreen that will be responsible for controlling every function installed in new Model Y because, other than those in steering wheel, there won`t be any other button inside new 2017 Tesla Model Y, and there will be a lot of new hi-tech and safety functions. Only premium materials will be present inside, like extra soft leather and premium metallic details added.

2017 Tesla Model Y Engine

We still don`t have any officially released information`s about the engine that will be supplied for new 2017 Tesla Model Y but we can assume what that can be. Engine for new Model Y will probably going to have two lithium-ion batteries, one of 85 kWh and other of 60 kWh. Basic power amount for new Tesla Motors Company is estimated to 400 horse power and there will be higher trim level will be created and he`ll be able to create around 700 horse power.

2017 Tesla Model Y Rear

2017 Tesla Model Y Price and Release date

When we say that $50.000 will be starting price for this new 2017 Tesla Model Y and that price is more than affordable for this kind of vehicle and when we talk about his release date we know that he can be available even before the start of 2017, some rumors tells us that he can be released at the winter of 2016.

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