2017 Skoda Snowman Exterior, Price, Specs

2017 Skoda Snowman Exterior, Price, Specs

It is more than clear that Skoda build this type of SUV to continue great trend of popularity that Yeti had and in attempt to create even better SUV than before. With 2017 Skoda Snowman on the market, we are more than sure that a lot of people will change their thinking about Skoda and there will be a lot of people that will turn to Skoda more. New generation of Snowman won`t be that much different from the outside when we compare it with his predecessor but he will be improved in the fuel economy.

2017 Skoda Snowman Front

2017 Skoda Snowman Exterior and Interior

New Snowman will be produced on the same platform as Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia and that MQB platform makes him lose some pounds, gain some power and aerodynamic abilities, increase cabin space and reduce fuel economy. This 2017 Skoda Snowman will receive recognizable grille that Skoda jam on theirs every vehicle. Even though 2017 Snowman is SUV that can receive 7 passengers inside, some rumors tells us that in some trim levels there will be smaller version that can receive only 5 passengers. We expect to see new Snowman roll on 17 inch set of alloy wheels like Skoda placed on the Octavia.

2017 Skoda Snowman Interior

As we`ve mentioned, new Snowman can receive up to 7 passengers inside and all of them will enjoy maximum comfort that his seats provide with more than enough room to store all of their luggage in the cargo area. When we know all of this, we can see that 2017 Skoda Snowman is perfect family car, especially for large families. Skoda didn`t forget about the safety of passengers so they`ve installed all the latest safety features inside new Snowman.

2017 Skoda Snowman Engine

When we talk about the engines for new Snowman we are more than pleased to tell you that new Snowman will be offered in both diesel and petrol variants. Petrol engine for 2017 Skoda Snowman will be 1.4-liter TSI with 150 hp and 2.0-liter TSI with power of 180 horses. Diesel version of engine for new Snowman is 2.0-liter TDI engine that is capable to generate 184 horse power. 2016 Snowman as real SUV will be offered in both FWD and AWD modes. Some latest rumors tells us that new Skoda`s SUV will be offered in hybrid engine version as well.

2017 Skoda Snowman Rear

2017 Skoda Snowman Release date and Price

Release date and price for 2017 Skoda Snowman are still a mystery because Czech company didn`t revealed them yet so we must assume. Based on some research we`ve had, starting price for new Snowman will be around $24.000 and according to some presumptions it will hit the markets at the spring of 2017.

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