2017 Rezvani Beast X Review, News

2017 Rezvani Beast X Review, News

Founded in 2014, Rezvani Motors already manage to make great entry to the car markets because their first product called Beast was really amazing and there weren’t a person that haven`t heard about it. Now, or to be precise, in 2017, they`ll try to make even greater success and to build even better reputation because they have something really special prepared to make you stunned. That special thing is newest 2017 Rezvani Beast X which will definitely be better than the Beast before with some of the most important functions.

2017 Rezvani Beast X Front

2017 Rezvani Beast X Exterior and Interior

All that is on the exterior of new 2017 Rezvani Beast X is there to make him more functional and more attractive among the customers as well. Rezvani Motors created car that will not make you tell that it is one super-fast car because they`ve tried to make it look as normal as it can be but with awesome aerodynamic abilities that will help him increase his abilities which is definitely in focus of his engineers. Two large air intakes are placed are placed bellow two very thin and discreet LED headlights that will make the engine works better. Great thing about it is that new Beast X will be offered with so many exterior color options.

What we know about the interior design of new 2017 Rezvani Beast X is that it’s going to be quite simple because Rezvani Motors isn`t going to pay a lot of attention on it. Instrument board will be equipped with only most important buttons and large touchscreen display which should replace all the functions on it. Seats have great bucket design that will make you have feeling like you`re driving F1 car, together with that great design of steering wheel, it`ll only increase that feeling.

2017 Rezvani Beast X Interior

2017 Rezvani Beast X Engine

One engine for new Best X is enough. New 2017 Rezvani Beast X will use 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine will be more than enough to make him have amazing power amount. This engine can generate over 500 horse power and maximum torque amount of 384 lb/ft. As far as the transmission is concerned, we know that you will be able to choose between 6-speed automatic or manual gear box.

2017 Rezvani Beast X Rear

2017 Rezvani Beast X Price and Release date

Starting price for new 2017 Rezvani Beast X could go over $165.000 and that will be the price that can make him called as affordable car because all that he`s equipped with is worth more than that price which is announced. We still don`t have official release date announced from Rezvani Motors but according to some rumors, we can see him as the 2017 year starts, probably in February.

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