2017 Opel Astra Redesign, Review, Specs

2017 Opel Astra Redesign, Review, Specs

We have heard that Opel finally revealed some details about new Astra, and we`ve prepare review for you to see how will new Astra really look. Astra was Opel model that was firstly introduced in the 1991 and it was, since that day, among the top sales list, especially at the European markets. To continue that trend, they produced new 2017 Opel Astra and they`ve gave him better engines and a lot of new technological features to be among the best cars for theirs 2017 lineup.

2017 Opel Astra Front

2017 Opel Astra Exterior and Interior

First thing we must mention is that the whole chassis of new Astra will be built from lightweight materials and thanks to that, new Astra will lose up to 20% weight. Most of the changes made on the exterior of new 2017 Opel Astra are transferred from Opel`s Monza Concept that was introduced 2 years ago in Frankfurt. When we look on new Astra from the outside, it really look like stronger car and car with more muscle and like it have more power than before. Other than that overall look, we can`t find some bigger and iconic changes on the exterior details.

Like the exterior, interior also didn`t suffer some greater changes in the design. Most of the changes that Opel made inside are only some updates in the technological aspects. Greatest thing that they`ve changed inside new 2017 Opel Astra is that they`ve reduced number of buttons placed on the instrument board which make it simpler to use. Opel gave him new IntelliLink infotainment system that can be connected to the both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems. Every of that infotainment and safety features are going to be shown on new 8.0-inch touchscreen. Some of those features are: traffic sign assist, forward collision alert, lane keeping assist, following distance indication, lane departure warning, parking assist, voice control of those systems and many more for new 2017 Opel Astra.

2017 Opel Astra Interior

2017 Opel Astra Engine

So far, we know that new Astra`s customers will have option to choose between three different engines. First one will be 1.6-liter CDTI diesel engine that have 95 horse power. Second optional engine will be 1.0-liter ECOTEC that have 105 horse power. Third engine that can be under the hood of new 2017 Opel Astra is 1.4-liter ECOTEC 4-cylinder engine which can create 145 horse power and 184 lb/ft of torque. This engine can make new Astra go from 0-60 mph in 10 seconds and makes new Astra reach 125 mph.

2017 Opel Astra Rear

2017 Opel Astra Release date and Price

Starting price isn`t yet revealed from Opel but according to some rumors we think that 2017 Opel Astra could have starting price of around $17.500 and that he`ll going to be available since the 2017 year starts.

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