2017 Mercedes E Class Beautiful from every angle

2017 Mercedes E Class Beautiful from every angle

If there is some company that can be called as one with the biggest reputation that is definitely Mercedes. And no one can say that isn`t true. Mercedes as world’s best company always managed to create models which can make other car Companies look on them. With their famous E Class they really set some records and they`ve manage to raise some bars on higher levels. With this new 2017 Mercedes E Class announced we can only imagine what Mercedes can do with it because for them, as they have proved so many times, only sky is limit.

2017 Mercedes E Class Front

2017 Mercedes E Class Beautiful from every angle

We can`t say that new 2017 Mercedes E Class is all about exterior because almost every part of this new E Class is perfect, which you`ll be aware of when you read the rest of this review, but when you take a look on exterior alone, you`ll say that it is brilliant and that you can`t believe that they`ve put additional effort in the interior or in the engine compartment, that they`ve done all they can in the exterior. But his exterior really is brilliant, just when you know that this newest E Class is placed on the platform which is totally based on C Class you`ll be thrilled. This new platform will help him increase his aerodynamic abilities as much as it is possible so we know that this new 2017 Mercedes E Class will definitely going to have better performances. When it comes to some details which will be changed on the exterior, we can see that larger air diffusers are added, new shape of headlamps as well with new LED lamps inside. Both of the bumpers are expected to be reinforced but we still don`t have official confirmation from Mercedes about that.

2017 Mercedes E Class Interior

Mercedes always knew how to create cabin which can be both futuristic and vintage in the same time, they have always manage to find that great middle. This time, as many times before, Mercedes will use leather and wood to create cabin of this powerful sedan. Seats inside new 2017 Mercedes E Class are really something special. Other than they have amazing design, they have greatest leather used and they can be both heated and ventilated just on press of a button. We could talk about the functions installed in new E Class for days but we`ll tell you that everything you could imagine, new Mercedes will have it. Even the option that computer park your new 2017 Mercedes E Class when you aren`t in a car. Just press of a button and he`ll do the rest. Great thing about this new E Class is that you`ll probably fall in love with him the moment you enter it.

2017 Mercedes E Class Power and Abilities

Great thing about this new 2017 Mercedes E Class and almost every Mercedes is that they always want to offer something for everybody. This new E Class will be real proof for that, there will be 3 engine options, one petrol, one diesel and oen hybrid option. First and basic is petrol 3.0-liter inline-6 twin turbo that can supply new 2017 Mercedes E Class with 367 horsepower and with torque amount of 435 lb/ft. Than we have diesel option, that is 2.9-liter that can generate more than 313 hp and around 400 lb/ft as torque amount. Final option is hybrid, combination between petrol and electric engine. That is 2.0-liter combined with lithium-ion batteries which can provide 296 horsepower and 319 lb/ft as torque amount. Every engine option for new 2017 Mercedes E Class we`ve mentioned will work in pair with 6-speed automatic gear box and it will be able to be driven in both RWD and AWD modes.

2017 Mercedes E Class Rear

2017 Mercedes E Class Pricing and Releasing

If you wonder what will be starting price for new 2017 Mercedes E Class we must tell you`ll be surprised. It`ll start from $50k which is quite small price for this kind of sedan. New E Class should be released at the spring of 2017, probably not before May.

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