2017 McLaren P1 LM Performance

2017 McLaren P1 LM Performance

Of course, today, when McLaren is having tough fight for the customers, mostly with Ferrari, they must keep making amazing and more than just fast sport cars. One of the will definitely going to be 2017 McLaren P1 LM which is new generation of P1 that has been made only two years before, but McLaren wants to keep upgrading him until he reach the sky. This luxury sport car still doesn`t have his exact price but we know that he`s going to be produced in limited series and only exclusive buyers can have it.

2017 McLaren P1 LM Front

2017 McLaren P1 LM Exterior and Interior

One thing is sure about the exterior of new 2017 McLaren P1 LM, it`s going to be more than functional so you can expect him to have amazing aerodynamically abilities that will be proved to work perfectly. He`ll be placed really close to the ground and because of the great speed he`s capable to create, new P1 LM will have active spoiler that will keep him firmly on the ground. He`ll be made using only newest technology, only from carbon fibers and a little aluminum as well. One thing that most of the customers won`t be fans of is that he`s currently offered with only one exterior color options, but that is amazing Papaya Orange which can be called as McLaren`s recognizable color, like his trademark.

2017 McLaren P1 LM Interior

Interior design of 2017 McLaren P1 LM will be practically the same as on his predecessor just we can say that it doesn`t look that much cozy as before. Still, it`ll be well designed using top quality materials to make you feel totally relaxed and cozy, especially during high speed driving through the corners. His cabin design will be pretty simple, almost not any button practically all that is inside is that huge touchscreen that can show everything you need from 2017 McLaren P1 LM.

2017 McLaren P1 LM Engine

Every detail that we`ve heard about the engine compartment for 2017 McLaren P1 LM tells us that it will be powered with the same engine as F1 GTR but with addition of around 100 more horse power to be powered by. That means that new McLaren P1 LM will be powered by 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 engine that is now capable to generate 990 horse power. Using this engine, new McLaren P1 LM can go from 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

2017 McLaren P1 LM Side

2017 McLaren P1 LM Price and Release date

As we`ve mentioned, new 2017 McLaren P1 LM will be produced in limited series (we expect to see only 25 of these on the streets) so you already expect to see high price attached to it, and you`re right, he`ll have price tag on it of around $3 million. You`ll have to wait until the spring of 2017 to see who are 25 lucky, and rich, people that bought this car.

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