2017 Lotus Esprit Price, Specs

2017 Lotus Esprit Price, Specs

We are all aware that reputation of Lotus`s vehicles is a little down because they haven`t produce new car for many years, seems like they`ve had some troubles. Now, when Lotus fixed all things and when they`re ready to produce new generation of their famous car called Esprit. Newest 2017 Lotus Esprit will be among the most popular cars in the 2017 and according to the first responses, new Esprit is about to have huge potential.

2017 Lotus Esprit Front

2017 Lotus Esprit Exterior and Interior

Exterior design is very important for every true sport car because his design must be perfect so his performances can be improved without any additional effort from the engine. Aerodynamic abilities is all what it takes for new 2017 Lotus Esprit to be better. He will be made from extra lightweight materials so his body will be extra light. On the front part we can see larger air intakes which is one more thing that tells us that performances of Esprit are definitely placed on the top. All the lights are improved by adding newly developed LED lamps in it. New set of alloy wheels is also expected to be placed, so we know that new Esprit will have that classy look as well.

With this kind of cabin design Lotus tells us that minimalistic can be effective. His instrument board will be filled with reduced number of buttons so most of the functions can be controlled using touchscreen jammed on the middle of the instrument board. Leather will be materials from which biggest part of cabin will be made. Definitely a lot of hi-tech functions will be added in new 2017 Lotus Esprit so he can be totally modernized. We know that there will be climate controller, cruise control, newest audio system and all that to make infotainment system of new Lotus Esprit better and closer to the customers.

2017 Lotus Esprit Interior

2017 Lotus Esprit Engine

All we know so far is that lotus will give you only one engine choice, and according to some sources close to the Lotus Company, that will be the only choice for new 2017 Lotus Esprit. That engine should be 4.8-liter which will be equipped with 612 horse power while his torque amount is still unknown. This amount of horses that new Esprit is equipped with is more than enough to make him go from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds while his maximum speed is estimated on 212 mph. 7-speed semi-automatic transmission system will be paired with this engine so the power will be transferred more than effectively.

2017 Lotus Esprit Rear

2017 Lotus Esprit Price and Release date

Price for new 2017 Lotus Esprit is still unknown because Lotus thinks that there can be some more things added to it. That tells us that new Esprit is still in a development phase and because of that we know that new 2017 Lotus Esprit can`t be available before the second half of 2017.

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