2017 Lincoln MKC is all about style!

2017 Lincoln MKC is all about style!

We have spectacular news coming from Lincoln. They`re about to introduce new generation of popular small-size SUV called MKC which is about to be welcomed for the 2017 year Lincoln lineup. This new 2017 Lincoln MKC will definitely going to be real refreshment made on the market because new generation of this popular crossover can become even better than his predecessor and we already know that he`s going to present some kind of status symbol.

2017 Lincoln MKC Front

2017 Lincoln MKC Style and Appearance

Nothing really new won`t be added on this new 2017 Lincoln MKC and most of the details will just be improved a bit. What we know about this new SUV that comes out of Lincoln factory is that he`s going to have some differences from the trim level you choose. There will be 3 trim levels offered so there will definitely be some variants. Trim levels will be called: Premiere, Select and Reserve. We know that Lincoln will try to make all of those trim levels equipped with the best equipment which will be possible but some of them will surely have something that others now. All of them will definitely have newest LED lamps, reinforced bumpers, both of them and body made from lightweight materials. We expect to see new 2017 Lincoln MKC arriving on 18.0-inch alloy wheels which will make him look even more luxury.

One is sure, when you buy Lincoln, luxury is guaranteed. This new 2017 Lincoln MKC won`t be left behind at all. It will be equipped with finest and most luxurious cabin ever seen in SUV. Starting from the seats which will be made with finest leather material to the instrument board which will be equipped with so many hi-tech functions and with great leather-soft plastic-wood combination which sis already proved as magnificent. When we`ve already mentioned leather we must say that they are created with amazing lumbar support and that they`ll have great electronically adjustment possible. As we`ve said, new 2017 Lincoln MKC will have totally upgraded infotainment system which can be even better if you separate little more money for it. We still don`t have information`s of all functions which should be installed in new 2017 Lincoln MKC but if you know Lincoln, you know that those functions will be like never before.

2017 Lincoln MKC Interior

2017 Lincoln MKC Power and Torque

This new 2017 Lincoln MKC deserves to be well equipped with decent engine compartment. One of those will definitely be 2.0-liter EcoBoost which will be enough to supply it with power of 240 horses and 260 lb/ft as his maximum torque amount. This engine should be basic for new MKC but lately, there are some rumors that one more engine will appear as part of this newest Lincoln`s crossover. That will, almost surely, be 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost unit with 285 horse power and 305 lb/ft as his maximum torque amount. We know that new MKC as true SUV must be connected to the AWD mode but customers must have FWD mode as option.

2017 Lincoln MKC Rear

2017 Lincoln MKC Starting price and Rumors about it

Starting price for new 2017 Lincoln MKC will probably going to be in range of $35.000 to $40.000 but we are sure that he can`t be available before July of 2017. That`s when will new MKC hit the markets and appear at the local stores, be patient.

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