2017 Lexus RX knows only best!

2017 Lexus RX knows only best!

Ok, we know that we are boring when we say that Lexus is definitely car Company that know how to create great looking car, bla, bla, bla…for more than several times. But that is just the way how Lexus do it, either it is amazing or it won`t be produced at all. New 2017 Lexus RX is one of those, small-size SUV which look quite awesome and ready for every challenge you put in front of him. 

2017 Lexus RX Front

2017 Lexus RX Good look is the way to do it

Exterior design of new 2017 Lexus RX won`t be changed in so drastic ways that it can`t be described, it`ll remain to be amazing as his previous generation was. All the most likely parts and details will remain the same as before. For example, that beautiful looking grille don`t need to be changed in several next generations because it looks amazing and unique, you can see it only on Lexus`s vehicles. It spreads across the entire nose of this SUV and it combination with those great headlights design, it`ll be the best what car engineering can do. Smaller but efficient fog lights will be one change that will happen on new RX. Nothing will be changed when it comes to the dimensions but there will be some improvements when it comes to the weight of 2017 Lexus RX, it`ll be reduced due to newly developed platform that will allow more aluminum and carbon fiber in chassis. More exterior color options will be offered so customers will have more than great color choices for this SUV. On the back, everything will remain the way it was before. Stunning taillights design with the same bumper look which will receive some improvements, it`ll be reinforced.

2017 Lexus RX Interior

When we talk about model which was recently released and about refreshed model, it is hard to find something that is changed, especially if the officials do not reveal anything about. Because of that, new 2017 Lexus RX will look exactly the same inside, with some improvements made in the infotainment system. There will be something really special inside, great seats combined with awesome soundproof and well isolation cabin. There won`t be a passengers that won`t be relaxed inside new 2017 Lexus RX because great lumbar support which will be provided by those awesome seats. New RX will have absolutely upgraded infotainment system with so many new functions installed, safety and entertainment ones.

2017 Lexus RX Engine and Mpg

What we know about the engine compartment of new 2017 Lexus RX is that there will be one engine option with different power amounts. That is 3.5-liter V8 engine that is able to deliver 200 horse power in the basic trim level. Than we have more equipped trim levels which will have more power offered with the same engine but with more power. That will be 270 horse power and torque amount will be 248 lb/ft. There will be offered two transmission options, 6 or 8-speed automatic gear box can be paired with this engine type.

2017 Lexus RX Rear

2017 Lexus RX Will have starting price of..?

New 2017 Lexus RX will have starting price of around $42.000 which will be enough to put him on the list of luxury crossovers. New RX still don`t have official release date but we assume he`ll be introduced at the spring of 2017, somewhere in April is most likely.

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