2017 Jaguar XQ Style in one name!

2017 Jaguar XQ Style in one name!

We, and the car Companies are aware that today almost every company knows how to create amazing car, they all know how to develop great engine and to make the car look beautiful. Because of that, all of them, and even Jaguar must create something new and different from the others. They`ve now created new generation of XQ, new 2017 Jaguar XQ which is made to be leader on the SUV markets all around the world because we know that there is a lot of sleepless nights behind this model.

2017 Jaguar XQ Front

2017 Jaguar XQ Style in one name

Some changes are visible on the exterior of new 2017 Jaguar XQ and most of them can be found on the front part where we can see that the bumper is almost totally redesigned when we compare him with the previous model. He`s restyled but reinforced as well. Also, we can see that the headlights are longer than before and they`ll have newly developed LED lamps installed in them, as well in fog and taillights. Headlights will be use paired LED lamps with bi-xenon lights which is proved as great combination. To be honest, this new 2017 Jaguar XQ is announced as off-road vehicle as well but we think that he doesn`t have what it takes to be driven on some rocky and bumpy roads, he`s more SUV meant for city, meant for you to be seen inside, as status symbol. Not everybody can afford to drive Jaguar.

Interior design of new 2017 Jaguar XQ will give you answer why not everybody can afford and drive Jaguar. His cabin will look amazing and more than futuristic, it will shine with finest interior lights and it will be different than all other todays’ vehicles we could see. So many soft and fine materials will be used to create his cabin and to make it the way it is. Leather will be most used inside but we know that there will be soft plastic and wooden details to make him look even classier and luxury. Instrument board will be totally restyled and made with totally new and modernized instruments. For example, climate controller will be totally new and restyled. We can notice that larger display will be added to his instrument board to control all the important and updated functions installed in infotainment system of new 2017 Jaguar XQ.

2017 Jaguar XQ Interior

2017 Jaguar XQ is all about power

When it comes to the engine compartment of new 2017 Jaguar XQ there are still unknown details and we still haven`t figure out what will be basic choice for under the hood of new XQ. All the rumors and speculations about it tells us about two different engine units so one of them will definitely going to be part of new XQ. First we could hear about is 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged with 240 horse power and 325 Nm of torque. Second engine that can be connected with new XQ is 3.0-liter supercharged V6 with 330 hp and 413 Nm of torque. Even though we still don`t know what will be basic choice for new 2017 Jaguar XQ we know that every engine option will be connected with 9-speed automatic gear box and AWD is standard for new XQ.

2017 Jaguar XQ Rear

2017 Jaguar XQ is worth waiting

New 2017 Jaguar XQ will have to wait until the August of 2017 to be released and all of those who wait to buy this SUV will have to pay little over $45.000 for his basic trim level.

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