2017 Hyundai Santa Fe completely modern!

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe completely modern!

The new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe is about to be one of the strongest trumps of its family during the 2017 year and will most certainly receive number of improvements and upgrades which won’t make it a completely new model but will give it fresh outfit and maybe even bigger power. It will be the golden middle not too big but not too small either with the high level of comfort and even higher level of equipment which is quite important for the modern day vehicles.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Front

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe New styling

We can say that the new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe will be a vehicle with a perfect body size for the SUV which will prevent it of looking sluggish and grumpy but rather quite dynamic. The exterior design will be mostly unchanged and you can easily recognize Hyundai characteristics on it. It will have similar body structure as already planetary popular Tucson with the smooth lined and edges which will make it quite elegant and classy. Some of the decorative details will be hexagonal grille ending with large and sharp headlights beyond which there will be linear for lights as well as large air vents which lead us into thinking that it will offer powerful engine options.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

Concerning the interior design, we can say that new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe will be a real oasis of peace. It will have the capacity for receiving seven passengers and will be able to supply them with high level of comfort and enough ample space for all the passengers. The interior will be relaxing and quite which will be accomplished due to the usage of the materials which are providing it with great isolation as well as pleasant to touch inner surfaces. The seats will be leather-trimmed and adjustable. Besides it there will be large cargo space where the entire luggage can be fitted. The dashboard will be quite modern and functional with the well-organized controls as well as number of technological features such as a 7.0-inch display, keyless ignition, dual automatic climate control, and surround-view camera system among all.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Powertrains

On our luck there will be different engine options which will empower this magnificent SUV. The first engine anticipated for the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe will be 2.4-liter inline-4 with the ability to develop 185 horsepower as well as 178 pound-feet of torque in combination with a 6-speed automatic transmission system. The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe second option will fall on a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4 with the production of 240 hp along with incredible 260 lb-ft of torque. The fuel economy has been estimated on 21 mpg in the city, 27 mpg on a highway, and 24 mpg combined.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Rear

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe On its way to the market!

There wouldn’t be long till the new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe hits the market, and if it’s to believe to its loyal fans it is about to happen in April of the 2017 year or possibly a bit later. The starting price will come to the sum of $25,350 while the higher trim could reach $38,250.

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