2017 Honda Accord is capable to make you stunning!

2017 Honda Accord is capable to make you stunning!

Since 1976 Honda released 8 generations of their extra popular sedan model called Accord and it will definitely continue to become extremely popular among the customers. This new 2017 Honda Accord will be maybe the best model that this Japanese car producer have to offer for 2017 lineup and we don`t have to worry about it, everything that was good before is still there and great thing about it is that Honda really paid a lot of attention to the customers reviews and demands.

2017 Honda Accord Front

2017 Honda Accord Style and Functional look

Well, every smallest upgrade made on the exterior of new 2017 Honda Accord is there to make new Accord better than before and now, this powerful sedan look quite exclusive and luxury. Now, Honda will try to give him even more aluminum parts to make it even lighter and more functional at the same time reducing his overall weight and increasing his performances. Everything improved on the exterior can`t go unseen. For example, there are totally new taillights on the back, new, improved shape with more efficient LED lamps which will use less energy than the one before. On the front of this new 2017 Honda Accord, we can see that now it looks like true sport car which is made to have something which everybody will find attractive.

2017 Honda Accord Interior

Everything inside new 2017 Honda Accord is well combined to make it look attractive, sporty and luxury at the same time. That can be done with amazing black leather trim which is perfect for increasing luxury inside your car but it sure can be good for making your car sportier. Other than fine leather, we can see some wood inside together with fine plastic which is way cheaper than that wood or fine leather. Great thing about it is that entire infotainment system is updated with more safety functions installed. Of course, there will be both Android and Apple Car connection systems available because in this modern times car can`t be imagines without it. This new 2017 Honda Accord want to be extra modern and we`ve already mentioned that some new safety functions will be offered so there will be: forward collision warning system, cruise control, rear view camera, blind spot monitoring system, lane departure warning and many extras.

2017 Honda Accord Powerful enough to make you stunning

We`ve came to the most interesting part of every car, that`s engine compartment. For start, we know that the basic trim version of new 2017 Honda Accord will probably remain the same engine unit as it was in the previous generation. That is 2.4-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine which is capable to develop 190 horse power. This engine is expected to appear paired with the 8-speed DCT transmission system which will be great to reduce his fuel consumption. When it comes to other engines one which is most likely to appear is hybrid version for new Accord. For this new Accord, Japanese car producer will use their famous next-gen two motor hybrid with the 2.0-liter Atkinson Cycle i-VTEC. Power amount is still unknown but some rumors which came across some information`s about it tells us that this engine will be capable to produce more than 212 horse power.

2017 Honda Accord Rear

2017 Honda Accord Price and the availability date

Starting price for new 2017 Honda Accord can`t under $27.000 that`s for sure and when it comes to the release date it is still unknown because some engine units aren`t ready so we think that Honda can`t release it before spring of 2017. We expect to see it at the beginning of April.

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