2017 Ford Thunderbird Exterior, Review

2017 Ford Thunderbird Exterior, Review

New Thunderbird is ready to be released and ready to be one of the best for 2017 Ford`s lineup. As we heard, with all of the improvements and upgrades that Ford gave him, Ford have great expectation from new 2017 Ford Thunderbird. This is one famous Ford`s model which is ready to be refreshed, and it was about time for Thunderbird to get his modern version and to get his refreshed model because most of the customers critics for Thunderbird was that he is still in the old ages, that he isn`t that modern car that customers expect from him to be.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Front

2017 Ford Thunderbird Exterior and Interior

This famous two door coupe is going to be produced on the same platform as his predecessor was but it will have some changes made on the exterior design. All of that changes are there so he can be more today like. Most of the details on the exterior of new 2017 Ford Thunderbird looks like they are borrowed from one of the Volvo`s most famous model called Taurus. Grille of new Thunderbird will be slightly longer because new Thunderbird have slightly longer wheelbase so we can expect him to have more room inside. Old and world known logo of Thunderbird will remain to be on the side of the car in his full shine.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Interior

We still don`t have any information how will new Thunderbird look from the inside because Ford didn`t revealed it and we didn`t see any of the spy shots caught. We`ve already mention that new 2017 Ford Thunderbird will have longer wheelbase so we know that there will be more room inside and one thing that we know that is new is that new Thunderbird is now coupe, it isn`t two passenger car as before. Because Ford announced that new Thunderbird will be modern, we can expect a lot of new hi-tech features installed inside.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Engine

As the interior, we also don`t have any official information about the engine that will be placed under the hood of new 2017 Ford Thunderbird. We can rely on the rumors and they are telling that the engine for new Thunderbird will be the same as it was at the previous generation of it. If that is true, that will be AJ-26 4.0-liter V8 which is more than able to generate 252 horse power and 267 lb/ft of torque of new 2017 Ford Thunderbird. We expect to see this engine connected to the 5-speed automatic transmission.

2017 Ford Thunderbird Side

2017 Ford Thunderbird Release date and Price

As most of the thing about new 2017 Ford Thunderbird are still a secret well hidden you can`t expect from Ford to reveal price or release date for it. So, we can only assume that new Thunderbird will be able to be bought from the second half of 2017 and his starting price will go around $30.000.

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