2017 Ford Fusion Uncovered and beautiful

2017 Ford Fusion Uncovered and beautiful

Lately, we can hear more and more news about new generation of Ford`s model called Fusion which was quite refreshment made on the market and there are so many interested customers which already want to have new 2017 Ford Fusion. We still don`t have official information about it but we`ve seen some paparazzo photographs which can tell us something about this new vehicle. Some changes must happen, even though it is still quite fresh model.

2017 Ford Fusion Front

2017 Ford Fusion Redesigned Inside and Out

As we`ve said, we were able to see only spy shots of new 2017 Ford Fusion and on those photographs he was almost entirely camouflaged and covered. All the important details are covered so we can`t really spot what will be changed and what will remain the same. It looks like headlamps will remain the same size as before with slightly refreshed shape. His overall shape will remain the same as before but we expect new Fusion to have reduced weight because we`re more than sure that Ford will use lightweight materials in his chassis, because of that, new 2017 Ford Fusion will be powerful than before. Wheels will remain the same size as before and both of his bumpers will remain the same as before. Other than that small change in the shape we know that all the lights will have new lamps installed, new LED ones.

Since we have this small information about the exterior design of new 2017 Ford Fusion we have even less about his interior. We assume that because of this huge cover on his body, because there were some significant changes made on the exterior we expect to see interior design almost totally the same as before because it is obvious that the focus was outside. Seats and the instrument board will remain the same as before but we know that when it comes to the technological equipment inside, new 2017 Ford Fusion will have newest SYNC system installed with so many new functions which will be installed.

2017 Ford Fusion Interior

2017 Ford Fusion Power and Torque

Engine will probably going to stay the same as it was before with more power to handle because of lighter body weight. If that is true, new 2017 Ford Fusion will be powered by 2.7-liter V6 EcoBoost engine with 290 horse power and 310 lb/ft as his maximum torque amount. As we`ve said, he`s going to be stronger and faster and we expect to see it accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 6 seconds which is great. His top speed is estimated to be over 160 mph. This engine for new Fusion will be connected to the 6-speed automatic gear box and we think that it`ll transfer power to only front two wheels.

2017 Ford Fusion Rear

2017 Ford Fusion is expected to cost?

Starting price for new 2017 Ford Fusion will probably going to remain almost the same as before, that’s around $30k while his release date isn`t going to happen before the fall of 2017, probably not before the September of 2017.

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