2017 Corvette Z07 Price, Specs

2017 Corvette Z07 Price, Specs

Even we all know that this 2017 Corvette Z07 is still just an idea made, still in a development phase, there are a lot of rumors and all of the speculations going on about this amazing sport car which is followed by great reputations of other great sport cars which has been from this company. Based on all of that rumors and speculations followed by some spy shots we`ve been able to see, we are more than sure that this`s going to be real pleasure to have in the 2017.

2017 Corvette Z07 Front

2017 Corvette Z07 Exterior and Interior

There`s definitely going to be a lot of discussions about exterior design of 2017 Corvette Z07. Some will say that it is unique and some will say that don`t like it at all, one is sure, Corvette will try to make it as great as it can be. One thing that they really improved is his body weight. They`ve reduced for a significantly amount of pounds due to usage of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. They won`t pay that much attention to the lights design how much they`ll consider about the air vents which is going to be placed next to all for wheels so the braking can be even more functional. Brakes will be, of course, Bembo ceramic and tires will be newest that Michelin can offer.

2017 Corvette Z07 Interior

This two seater sport car will definitely going to have enough room for those two lucky passengers inside. They will enjoy in newly designed seats that can make you really pump adrenaline during the ride, those seats will be made from newest, top quality, Nappa leather. 2017 Corvette Z07 will definitely going to be equipped with all the best and newest technologically features, they`ll definitely going to keep those two LCD screens which are very useful. One is placed as on the many other vehicles, on the center of the instrument board, and second screen will be placed instead of tachometer which can have all the important information`s. Of course, 2017 Corvette Z07 will have amazing MyLink infotainment system connected to and passengers inside can be really safe too, rear view camera will be installed, parking assist as well.

2017 Corvette Z07 Engine

Of course, 2017 Corvette Z07 will be equipped with beast of the engine definitely. That engine will be General Motors 6.2-liter V8 engine that can generate awesome 650 horse power and torque of 650 lb/ft. This engine will be connected to the 7-speed Tremec manual gear box while some rumors tells us that even 8-speed automatic transmission system. According to all of these information`s tells us that this will definitely going to be one of the most powerful engine that General Motors ever created.

2017 Corvette Z07 Rear

2017 Corvette Z07 Release date and Price

Price and release date for 2017 Corvette Z07 aren`t yet revealed but when we look at all of the thing he have, we can assume that his price can be slightly over $100.000 for his basic trim version. New Corvette 570S is going to be available at the end of 2017.

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