2017 BMW X1 Performance

2017 BMW X1 Performance

Even though this new 2017 BMW X1 is still in a development phase, we are more than sure that you can`t find any mistake on it, based only on the speculations we can hear about it and based on small amount of information`s BMW revealed. His previous generation was really good but now when people want small-size SUVs more than ever, BMW had to step forward and make it even better than before. According to first responses, they`ve manage to do that and we`ve prepared small review for you to make sure that new X1 is perfect for you.

2017 BMW X1 Front

2017 BMW X1 Exterior and Interior

Exterior design of new 2017 BMW X1 will be more functional than ever before. BMW will make him in such a way so his performances can be increased and his fuel consumption will be reduced. That can be happed thanks to the usage of aluminum and carbon fiber in his chassis. Overall design of 2017 X1 won`t be changed drastically when we compare him with the previous generation because that previous X1 have amazing exterior design with so many awesome design. Most of the changes that will happen on the exterior are only some upgrades made to make new 2017 BMW X1 better, for example all of his lights are now made using newly developed LED lamps which will make him have better visibility and increased safety performances.

Interior of new 2017 BMW X1 will be almost the same as on his previous generation because it is still extra modern. New X1 will have his comfort placed on the first place but they won`t forget functionality either. Newly developed dual-zone climate controller will be installed in this SUV which is proved to work amazing and customers loved it. New X1 will be extra equipped with so many modern features installed in his new infotainment system. We still don`t have official information`s about the functions which will be installed in new 2017 BMW X1 but we`ve heard for some ones which should be installed in new X1, those should be: adaptive cruise control, Bluetooth, USB and Internet connectivity as most popular connectivity options, full power accessorize and so many others.

2017 BMW X1 Interior

2017 BMW X1 Engine

Great thing about this new 2017 BMW X1 is that he`s going to be offered with so many engine options. Basic trim level of new X1 should be powered by recognizable and well known engine, which is 1.5-liter 3-cylinder petrol type engine that is capable to supply new X1 with 136 hp and 220 lb/ft of torque amount. Next, there can be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with 184 horse power and torque amount of 270 lb/ft. New 2017 BMW X1 will be offered with diesel powered engine as well. That will be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with more than 184 horse power and torque of 380 lb/ft. One more thing that will definitely attract a lot of new customers is that he`s going to be offered with hybrid engine as well. That will, almost surely, be 1.5-liter petrol engine combined with electric lithium-ion batteries. Their amount of power is still unknown but we expect nothing less than 190 horse power, at least.

2017 BMW X1 Rear

2017 BMW X1 Price and Release date

When we know that starting price for new X1 is going around $40.000, we can call him as affordable SUV because BMW isn`t a company which is known by giving this good prices for their vehicles, especially not for SUVs. This new 2017 BMW X1 as one of the cheapest BMWs SUV can be available as the 2017 reach the half, somewhere at June of 2017.

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