2017 BMW X1 M Redesign

2017 BMW X1 M Redesign

BMWs smallest size SUV, their famous X1 is about to be released one more time and this newest version will receive that M sign which will definitely make his performances better. This new 2017 BMW X1 M will definitely be crossover that will make you have great feeling during the ride and when we take a look on everything that he have, BMW will aim primarily younger customers with this new X1 M version. One more thing, new X1 M will be prefect vehicle for all of the crossover lovers which lives in big cities.

2017 BMW X1 M Front

2017 BMW X1 M Exterior and Interior

This new 2017 BMW X1 M won`t appear with some drastic differences when we compare it with the original version of X1 because even that basic version definitely look like very aggressive crossover that really have great amount of power hidden under his hood and all over him. This M version will only make him look even sportier than before. For example, new X1 M will have those recognizable split-spoke set of wheels like we can see on some other M BMWs models. All the lights will remain in the same shape as before, as well as his dual-kidney grille and bumpers which will be reinforced. One more thing that we can notice on new 2017 BMW X1 M is that he`s now positioned little lower and slightly closer to the ground which will make his aerodynamic abilities increased.

2017 BMW X1 M Interior

Biggest difference inside this new 2017 BMW X1 M and his basic X1 version is steering wheel that is almost totally different because BMW really want him to look as true BMWs M version inside. Of course, M mode button will be added on it. Alcantara stitching on those amazing leather wrapped seats will make you feel totally cozy and relaxed inside new X1 and during no matter how long journey. Because we`ve already mention that this new 2017 BMW X1 M really look like he`s aimed for the younger population primarily, BMW decided to give him totally new audio system which will make your music sound amazing. This information make us think even more in that direction. But we must say that new X1 M is aimed for younger people but it can make everyone happy.

2017 BMW X1 M Engine

Lately we can hear a lot of rumors which are connected to the new 2017 BMW X1 M and to the engine that should make him move. Most of the rumors tells us that he`ll be powered with 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 4 cylinders and this one engine can generate 400 horse power and that is huge step forward given by that M letter X1 received. We expect to see him comes with better transmission, better handling, better brakes and all in all, one totally improved crossover.

2017 BMW X1 M Rear

2017 BMW X1 M Price and Release date

Starting price for new 2017 BMW X1 M could be somewhere around $35.000 and according to some well-equipped versions you`ll have to pay more than $50.000. When it comes to the release date, you could get new X1 M at the beginning of 2017.

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