2017 BMW M2 Engine, Specs, Price

2017 BMW M2 Engine, Specs, Price

Newest M2 is getting ready to be introduced from the BMW and it`s going to be real pleasure to have. One thing is great about it, it`s built to be fast because it really sit great on the road and it feels like new M2 really loves to be on the road. You should know one thing about new 2017 BMW M2, he`s not going to be fuel efficient because BMW think that fuel is becoming more and more cheaper every day, so they want to take everything from the engine that is going to be placed under the hood of this new M2.

2017 BMW M2 Front

2017 BMW M2 Exterior and Interior

Biggest focus in building newest M2 BMW had in making this car as aerodynamically as it can be, so they`ve had brought aerodynamic abilities of this new car almost to perfection. One more thing that can make him even faster is that he`s know going to be made using only lightweight materials, primarily carbon fibers and aluminum. Other than that, we can`t see some iconic changes made on the exterior design of new 2017 BMW M2. There will be restyled headlights, reinforced bumper on the front and on the back part of new M2 but other than that, M2 will remain recognizable as it was. We expect to see 2017 BMW M2 rolling on newly designed 19.0-inch alloy set of wheels.

2017 BMW M2 Interior

Because greatest attention with new M2 BMW had in making his body the way it is, interior design will definitely going to be shared with some other BMWs models. There will be amazing seat design which can really make you feel the speed of new 2017 BMW M2. Some of the newest and updated technological features will be installed: newest sound system, rear parking sensors, heated seats, newest navigation system, smartphone integration system which can really help you connect everything you want. When you take a look on this cabin design, you`ll know that BMW tried to raise luxury on whole another level.

2017 BMW M2 Engine

As we`ve mentioned, fuel efficient won`t be in focus for 2017 BMW M2, just power. Engine that should be placed under the hood of new M2 is probably going to be 3.0-liter inline-6 engine which is more than capable to generate 365 horse power and torque amount of 343 lb/ft. This engine will be connected to the 6-speed manual transmission system and it can help him go from 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds which will make his maximum speed limited to 155 mph. We can only imagine what speed he could create if he isn’t limited. Maybe BMW could create some unlimited version, who knows.

2017 BMW M2 Rear

2017 BMW M2 Release date and Price

Starting price for this BMWs piece of beauty is still a secret well hidden from the BMW, only thing that they revealed is that 2017 BMW M2 will definitely going to appear as the 2017 starts. Because of that lack of information`s from the company, we have to turn our heads to the rumors and listen what they have to say. All that rumors tell us one thing, new 2017 BMW M2 will have starting price of around $60.000.

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