2016 Mitsubishi EVO Concept, Sport, Review

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Concept, Sport, Review

Mitsubishi have already proved that they are very, very good at making luxury sport cars because of their world recognized model called Lancer. And because of his ever growing popularity, company now decided to make one special version of Lancer called Evolution or EVO shortly. Among others features this car possess, new 2016 Mitsubishi EVO will be hybrid vehicle. This model is going to be made to make closure with Lancer because of the ever growing requests for SUVs and decreasing sales of sporty looking sedans.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Front

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Exterior and Interior

Mitsubishi will make this car on their own Mitsubishi Concept RA platform which will provide him that awesome exterior design as it have. Grille will be newly designed and it will be made from chrome. Headlights is where it becomes interesting, beside that they were going to be in latest LED technology, they`ll have option to cool engine and brakes, great move by Mitsubishi. Of course, they will look fantastic and they`ll give new 2016 Mitsubishi EVO that powerful look. New EVO will ride on new 16 inch alloy set of wheels.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Interior

When you enter new 2016 Mitsubishi EVO you will at the second notice that fantastic Recaro sporting seats which are there to give you incredible feeling when you drive new EVO with high speed that he`s capable of. Also, he`s going to be equipped with sort of new and technologically advanced features such as: audio system that can provide most finest sound there is through his 4 speakers, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors, USB ports. All of these features will be provided by great touchscreen display.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Engine

As we said, this will be hybrid car but it will also have regular engine and two separate lithium electric motors will be there to help and to save the nature and reduce the gas emission. Basic engine for new 2016 Mitsubishi EVO will be 2.0-liter four-cylinder that can produce power of 291 horses. This lithium batteries that we`ve mentioned are going to be placed behind first row of seats so that the weight of new EVO will be great balanced.

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Rear

2016 Mitsubishi EVO Release date and Price

As Mitsubishi didn`t revealed official release date or price for this new 2016 Mitsubishi EVO we can only assume that because of some improvements his price is going to be little higher than before and it should go over $50.000 for most expensive model of new EVO that will probably be able to be bought at the half of 2016.

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