2016 Lincoln Continental

2016 Lincoln Continental

Many times there was a production of 2016 Lincoln Continental announced but finally this Lincoln factory (which was American best car manufacturer in history) Concept product had its debut at 2015 New York Car Show as a new delight sedan which will take over MKS on the market.

2016 Lincoln Continental Front

2016 Lincoln Continental Exterior and Interior

The first thing we can say about 2016 Lincoln Continental is that the Concept we had a chance to see has no much difference comparing to production model. Like we can see it is very luxurious vehicle built as a front-wheel drive but it can be changed to a four-wheel car. It’s a car with flat lines and square shape, really long car (around 200 inches) but it can be even longer for China market. It has LED headlights with neon at the front of the car and they will be used for parking lights at the back of the car too. This extravagance car have big rims who give this car graceful and leisured look. 2016 Lincoln Continental will be extremely suitable for long and enjoyable rides. What we like the best is that this is car built with very much style, one great limousine.

2016 Lincoln Continental is built like the car from the future. It have a lot of different gadgets and touchscreens and four very comfortable leather seats. It`s going to be equipped with THC sound system which satisfy the perfect sound so you can love it. It have sunroof who can change from dark to light in touch of a button. Especially interesting thing about 2016  Continental is that will have a possibility of a voice command so that use of touchscreens can be minimum.

2016 Lincoln Continental Interior

2016 Lincoln Continental Engine

There were rumors that new Lincoln Continental will have a powerful V-8 engine hidden under the hood but unfortunately it won`t. It will be a 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine. The company will build in a 9 gear automatic version because it is more economical. Even though fuel economy and greenhouse emission will be on remarkable level, Lincoln plans to give its customers a possibility to go even greener with a hybrid model of new Lincoln Continental.

2016 Lincoln Continental Rear

2016 Lincoln Continental Release date and Price

Of course, with these kind of luxuies vehicle, like 2016 Continental is, came and appropriate price. It is estimated to start from $80.000. 2016 Lincoln Continental doesn`t have officially release date but it`s predicted to be at the end of the year or the beginning of the next.


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