2016 Lexus IS Redesign, Review, Price

2016 Lexus IS Redesign, Review, Price

Even with the first release, in 2000 when the IS model from Lexus hit the markets for the first time, back then we`ve known that the customers will be lefted speechless, and they were. Now, with improved and upgraded generation, new 2016 Lexus IS can only be better and it can only attract more potential customers to buy this fantastic sporty sedan. With all of the information we have, we know that Lexus paid the most attention to the fuel economy because that is what now customers want from their cars, to be as greener but to be extra fast and strong. We`ll see if Lexus succeeded in that attempt.

2016 Lexus IS Front

2016 Lexus IS Exterior and Interior

We don`t see some iconic changes on the exterior of new 2016 Lexus IS, it is still nice looking car with a lot of classy details that provide him that elegant look he have. With some new addition that Lexus gave him, new IS will look more aggressive and powerful than before because Lexus gave him newly designed bumper and new grille that give him more muscular look. This is sport car primarily, but it have some features on the outside like every real elegant car have. Lexus also gave him extra LED lights now, so that now everybody turn their heads when new IS go through the streets.

As the exterior, there will also be some minor changes inside. Everything inside is considering to be just some update in exiting features. Lexus made entire cabin of new 2016 Lexus IS from super fine materials like fine plastic, soft leather and wood. All that Lexus made inside is there so every passenger that have pleasure to drive this machine feel cozy in those fantastic seats that are wrapped in leather. Of course, Lexus will give him lots of hi-tech features like: keyless entry, climate controller, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and many more to be expected.

2016 Lexus IS Interior

2016 Lexus IS Engine

Engine choice for new 2016 Lexus IS depend on what trim level you choose. If you choose IS 300 or IS 350 you will have 3.5-liter V6 engine. Engine for IS 300 can create 255 horse power and torque of 236 lb/ft and it will be connected to the 6-speed transmission. Engine for IS 350 will be able to produce 306 horse power and torque of 277 lb/ft and he`s going to be mated to 8-speed automatic transmission system. Last trim level of new 2016 Lexus IS which is called IS 200 will be moved by 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that can produce 241 horse power and torque of 258 lb/ft and he`s going to be paired with 8-speed automatic transmission system. This engine will make new IS fly up to 143 mph and it will make him go from 0-60 mph in just 7.0 seconds.

2016 Lexus IS Rear

2016 Lexus IS Release date and Price

Starting price for new Lexus will vary among the trim levels, cheapest one called IS 200t will cost $37.325, IS 200t F Sport will cost $40.870, IS 300 will have price of $39.700, IS 300 F Sport will cost $42.845, IS 350 will cost $40.870 and most expensive and exclusive trim level called IS 350 F Sport will cost $44.025. We expect you to take orders of new 2016 Lexus IS already.

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