2016 Jeep Gladiator Review, Price, Specs

2016 Jeep Gladiator Review, Price, Specs

When every new Jeep`s truck hit the market that means that something fantastic is just waiting for us to have it. Jeep was always been one of the best auto factory and they`ve earned the trust of their customers, so new 2016 Jeep Gladiator is going to response well on what ever requests they want. New Gladiator is still going to be fantastic truck that will easily go on and of road, it will still have great performance.

2016 Jeep Gladiator Front


2016 Jeep Gladiator Exterior and Interior

When you take a look on new Gladiator, you can not see that army vehicle look that he have. Because of that, Jeep will now offer new Gladiator with red exterior color also, for those customers who are not army look fans. Whether you chose red or that green color, new 2016 Jeep Gladiator will surely looks stronger than it was before and when you just look at him you know that no matter on what type of terrain you take him, he can easily adapt. Basic design will remain as it was, those recognizable headlights in circle shape will remain to be as nice as it was. This new Gladiator will have longer wheelbase now, so we can surely hope to have more room inside.

First thing about interior of new 2016 Jeep Gladiator is that this new truck will surely be prepared for off road driving because his seats are going to be covered in water proof materials and he`s going to be equipped with brand new, top class navigation system. Those seats will be comfortable the way it is, and new Jeep will be able to accommodate up to 5 passengers inside. Other features that will be included are cruise control and multi-zone climate controller.

2016 Jeep Gladiator Interior

2016 Jeep Gladiator Engine

When it comes to the engine compartment for new Gladiator you can surely expect to see him with more than one engine option. First and probably basic engine for new 2016 Jeep Gladiator is going to be 3.6-liter V6 that is capable of creating power of 285 horses and 260 lb/ft of torque. 2nd engine that will make new Gladiator move is 2.8-liter VM Motor i4 with 160 horse power and 295 lb/ft of torque. Both of these engines will be connected to the 5-speed automatic transmission as basic but with some extra money you can get 8-speed automatic transmission. Fuel consumption for the 2nd type of engine is estimated to be 25 mpg combined city and highway. Jeep will offer new Gladiator with all-wheel drive (AWD) or front-wheel drive (FWD) mode.

2016 Jeep Gladiator Rear

2016 Jeep Gladiator Release date and Price

We still don`t have any official information regarding to the price or release date of new 2016 Jeep Gladiator but we can only assume that he`s going to hit the markets with all of his power at the beginning of the 2016. Starting price for this new full-size truck, new 2016 Jeep Gladiator will go around $26.500 for basic model.

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