2016 Honda Pioneer Price, Specs, Engine

2016 Honda Pioneer Price, Specs, Engine

Beware all of you adrenaline lovers and true addicts from off-road ride, when we say off-road we mean literally off-road, not just dirt, we mean mountains, small creeks, rocks, hills, and every tough terrain where you though you couldn`t reach with a car. Honda`s here to make you think again. Because of that, we give you new 2016 Honda Pioneer that will really make you dirty and muddy. This new real off-road vehicle will be really fun to drive and it gives word off-road whole new meaning, it really raise off-road driving experience to the whole new, way higher level.

2016 Honda Pioneer Front

2016 Honda Pioneer Exterior and Interior

When you take just one look on this vehicle you`ll now that it is based primarily on off-road bikes, cars and ATVs. Honda took the best they could find from these three and made new 2016 Honda Pioneer to be as it is. New Pioneer have simple exterior look but it is built to be functional not just to look nice, it is after all built to be dirty. His efficiency and strength to go over those tough terrains is provided by his front and back upper and lower A-arm that have dimension of 10.5 inches front and 10.0 inches back upper.

You can see that new 2016 Honda Pioneer don`t have roof at all but you don`t have to worry, you`ll be protected if the rain starts, Honda gave him Bimini top style fabric that will cover your heads. Also, this fabric will, with help of some leather materials, cover the doors and the rear part of new Pioneer. As you probably already knew, new Pioneer won`t have some extra technological and safety features, it will only have radio and navigation system, in case you get lost in the woods.

2016 Honda Pioneer Interior

2016 Honda Pioneer Engine

Honda will give new 2016 Honda Pioneer entirely new engine to make him go over every obstacle easily. That`ll be Unicam 999cc engine that will be paired with 6-speed double clutch transmission system and automatic transmission will be installed also. New Pioneer is capable to carry over 2000 pounds of mass.

2016 Honda Pioneer Side

2016 Honda Pioneer Release date and Price

Price for new 2016 Honda Pioneer will vary around trim levels, basic one will be $14k, Pioneer EPS 1000 will cost little higher, that`ll be $15k, Pioneer 1000-5 is $16k, and most luxurious Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe will cost around $17k. We expect to see him rolling on the mountains and hills at the spring of 2016, just at the right time when the snow is cleared.

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