2016 Ford GT Review, Specs, Engine

2016 Ford GT Review, Specs, Engine

 Ford is company that is well known for they don`t make new generation of just to be there, when they made it, it has to be good and worth mention it. When they create some car it immediately set new standards to all of the competitors. That is again the case with new 2016 Ford GT that will be supercar that suite every true speed lover perfectly. According to some rumors, Ford had great plans for comeback of GT, they think about Le Man comeback in 2016.

2016 Ford GT Front

2016 Ford GT Exterior and Interior

New 2016 Ford GT will be made from extra lightweight materials so the total weight of the car can be reduced, new GT will be primarily built from carbon-fiber materials. Most interesting thing on the exterior of new GT is his newly installed rear spoiler that is really special, it has great air brake functions and it can be moved, risen, lowered and tilted and it also have drag ability when driver needs it. Of course, this new GT is true supercar and it have fantastic ability to lift his front part up so he can`t be surprised with some unexpected road bumps.

Like in every car that is made primarily to boost your adrenaline level not to be the car to drive your kids to Scholl, you can`t expect much room inside your new 2016 Ford GT. Everything is focused to be closer to the driver and every possible control is jammed into the steering wheel and with that tons of buttons steering wheel looks like you are inside F1 car. Of course, driver can shift through different driving modes during the ride so he can find one that suit him perfectly in that moment.

2016 Ford GT Interior

2016 Ford GT Engine

New 2016 Ford GT will, as you expect, have great amount of power just waiting to be released. Engine that will make him move will be 3.5-liter V6 engine that will have maximum power of over 600 horses and 600 lb/ft of torque! His maximum speed is estimated to be over 210 mph easily and he`ll go from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. You can expect to see this engine connected to the 7-speed dual clutch transmission system.

2016 Ford GT Rear

2016 Ford GT Release date and Price

As some rumors are going, every true speed lover will have to separate to buy this car around $400.000 for basic model of new 2016 Ford GT and only 250 pieces of this supercar will be produced during one year. He`ll be offered since the 2016 begins.

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