2016 Dodge Magnum

2016 Dodge Magnum

For all true Dodge lovers, 2016 Dodge Magnum will give real pleasure with many interesting things that he have to offer to all of the customers. Magnum was first released in 2005 and every new generation of it attract more and more attention because of brand new updates and improvements that the Dodge present. Most important thing about new Magnum is that he is really elegant but very, very fast car who gives you a lot of adrenaline.

2016 Dodge Magnum Front

2016 Dodge Magnum Exterior and Interior

First series of Magnum was produced in 2005 and it was attractive car there, now, with a lot of improvements and refreshment it still is attractive and handsome car. 2016 Dodge Magnum will be lower and sleeker than the version from 2008 so his aerodynamic will be improved. At the front of the car we can see new set of headlights and new bumper. Same things are going to be changed on the back, new taillights and new bumper will be installed. One thing on the back of the car really draw our attention, that is new look of the trunk, it has a curvier look, we think is nicer than the last one.

All the details inside the cabin of 2016 Dodge Magnum is made from high quality materials such as aluminum and soft plastic. Cargo space is increased and whole cabin seems bigger and with more space for passengers. Seats are made from fine, soft leather so you can enjoy when you go on trip with your family, because this is really nice family car with great performance. Biggest change inside new Magnum is on infotainment system whose systems will be updated to perfection. There are also some safety features like: stability control, antilock brakes and much more.

2016 Dodge Magnum Interior

2016 Dodge Magnum Engine

About the engine, there are some rumors that under the hood of new 2016 Dodge Magnum will still be engine model from 2008, and that`s just fine because that is one excellent engine. It is 2.7-liter V6 engine that have possibility to create power of 190 “horses“ at 5500 rpm but one update can be only in amount of output and reducing fuel consumption. As far as we know now, new Magnum will be offered in two trim options, R/T and SRT.

2016 Dodge Magnum Rear

2016 Dodge Magnum Release date and Price

It is still mystery when this new car will be released but some rumors says that 2016 Dodge Magnum will hit the markets around the beginning of the 2016 by the price of around $20.000 for basic model and it can go higher for some demanding and expensive.

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