2016 Dodge Dakota Engine performance, Specs, Price

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine performance, Specs, Price

Dodge is planning to make a refreshed new model of their world-know truck called Dakota which was in the past years even claimed as a truck of the year but when the truck market become filled with others great trucks, popularity of Dakota was dropped. Now, with this refreshed and new 2016 Dodge Dakota, Dodge have only one thing in mind, to get back on the path of old glory and they will do that with the help of Mitsubishi.

2016 Dodge Dakota Front

2016 Dodge Dakota Exterior and Interior

New Dakota will borrow most of the details on the outside from the L200 and the RAM platform. Cargo space of new 2016 Dodge Dakota will be slightly decreased when compare it with old version of this well known truck. Greatest influence of Mitsubishi can be felt on the rear end of new Dakota, his taillights will be placed vertically along the side of the rear end. Bumpers on 2017 Dakota will be significantly reinforced for greater safety.

2016 Dodge Dakota Interior

First thing we must say about the interior of new 2016 Dodge Dakota is that his cabin is equipped as most of the real family car, maybe even the better then some of them. New Dakota is going to have many room inside and his seats are going to be made from super fine cloth materials. Dodge will do anything to make you feel extra cozy when you`re inside new Dakota. Because of that, Dodge jam new Dakota with lots of technological features such as: digital climate controller, CD player, LCD display, navigation system that every real truck needs to have and many much of great features yet to be revealed as the release date comes closer.

2016 Dodge Dakota Engine

Dodge still isn’t revealed the engine that will make this Dakota move, they still keep it as a mystery. Some rumors tells us that new 2016 Dodge Dakota will be equipped with 2.0-liter aspirated inline V6 engine that can produce power of 180 horses. 2nd engine that comes to our mind, and that can be under the hood of new Dakota could be 2.8-liter diesel inline-4 that can produce 160 horse power and 300 lb/ft of torque. Even with these little amount the information about the engine compartment for new Dakota tells us that this is going to be one fantastic truck.

2016 Dodge Dakota Rear

2016 Dodge Dakota Release date and Price

Starting price or the release date for new Dakota is still mystery but we can assume that new 2016 Dodge Dakota will have starting price of around $20.000 and he`s probably going to be available as the 2016 starts.

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