2016 BMW Z4 Review, Release date

2016 BMW Z4 Review, Release date

First thing you should know about new Z4 is that he`s going to be BMW`s last vehicle in this category so we expected to be among the best because BMW needs to have good closure with Z4. Just take a look on new 2016 BMW Z4 and you`ll fall in love instantly, it is convertible that screams macho. This is real car for men’s who want to be noticed in the crowd and to be separated among others. Let`s see what new generation of Z4 have to offer.

2016 BMW Z4 Front

2016 BMW Z4 Exterior and Interior

New generation of Z4 won`t have some iconic changes on the exterior design because his design is just fabulous as it is. BMW really don`t need to change anything. BMW will continue to make new 2016 BMW Z4 from lightweight materials which will increase engine performance of new Z4 and it will also reduce fuel consumption as much as it possible. Materials from which it will be made are aluminum and carbon fibers, which will also increase speed of new Z4. When we take a look on new Z4 from the front, we must notice fantastic LED laser headlights and lower positioned grille. Everything that BMW designs looks amazing so new Z4 isn`t behind that, as a finish, BMW gave him new amalgam wheels.

2016 BMW Z4 Interior

Interior of new 2016 BMW Z4 will be based primarily on Zagato`s Z design and it will suit him just the way it needs to be, which is amazing. First thing that you`ll notice is those two sporty seats made all in leather. Whole cabin will look extra elegant because BMW now paint it in black instead of grey color in previous generation. Technological and safety features will be among the best there is, so you can expect to see: digital climate controller, USB ports, new audio system, start/stop button and many extras.

2016 BMW Z4 Engine

You can`t expect something big to be changed at the engine compartment of new 2016 BMW Z4 so basic engine will remain the same while BMW will give him two more to choose. That first engine is 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that can create power of 240 horses. Second engine that we`ve announced is 3.0-liter inline-6 turbocharged with amazing 300 horse power. 3rd engine that hasn`t been confirmed from the company is one 6-cylinder turbo engine that is able to provide him power of 335 horses. With help of these engines, 2016 BMW Z4 will be able to go from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds.

2016 BMW Z4 Rear

2016 BMW Z4 Release date and Price

We must say that new 2016 BMW Z4 will have slightly higher price than at the previous generation so it can start from $50.000 and it will definitely hit the market at the beginning of 2016.

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