2016 BMW M8 Redesign, Engine, Review

2016 BMW M8 Redesign, Engine, Review

As the release date of this new supercar from BMW comes closer, the rumors about him is getting more intense. One thing is sure about new 2016 BMW M8, he`s going to leave every competition in the dust. This car will be true representative of status for everyone who owns it. Although this new powerful beast won`t through some extra changes inside and outside, it will remain to be one great super car.

2016 BMW M8 Front

2016 BMW M8 Exterior and Interior

Because this new M8 is still in development phase, we still don`t have any official information about exterior changes on the new 2016 BMW M8. We can only assume that new M8 will combine details from M1 Hommage and BMW i8 to create exterior of new M8. New M8 will have laser lights installed and hood in V shape as well as the large air intakes. Whole chassis of new M8 is going to be lightweight materials that will make him going even faster than before, and on the back BMW will put him rear diffuser that should keep new M8 firmly on the ground during the high speed driving.

As the exterior was, interior will also be inspired with BMW`s i8. We can truly say that inside new M8 will be little room, but this car isn`t made to be family car, it`s made to be fast but those two lucky passengers inside will feel really cozy inside so they can really enjoy adrenaline rush during those high speeds. New 2016 BMW M8 will surely be well equipped with different set of technological and safety features. You can be sure that he will have Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, keyless entry and many others that BMW still keep as a secret.

2016 BMW M8 Interior

2016 BMW M8 Engine

BMW did use a lot of thing from i8 to create new M8 but they didn`t use the same engine as on the i8. Engine for new M8 will be whole another story created by BMW. Engine for new 2016 BMW M8 will be 4.4-liter twin turbocharged V8 that can create fascinating power of 600 horses. This fantastic amount of power will make new M8 have more than 200 mph as maximum speed and it will make him go from 0-60 mph in just under 3 seconds.

2016 BMW M8 Rear

2016 BMW M8 Release date and Price

Because BMW still keep a lot of stuffs for new M8 as a mystery we still don’t have any official release date or price for this beast. We can expect to see him at the second half of the 2016 and 2016 BMW M8 will have starting price of around $200.000.

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